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Pet Care Articles for Thursday : November 15, 2018

Taking Care of Horses
A horse hair shampoo is most essential item for horses. It is used to cleanse their body along with the genital area. It is highly recommended to do a few allergic testing before applying this produc... [Author: Robertson Clayon - Pets and Animals - May 30, 2012]

What is the best pet carrier to buy
A Pet carrier that is safe and keeps your pet out of harm';s way is an ideal choice. Your home, car, or even an airplane can all board this convenient accessory. They prove to be really helpful especi... [Author: David - Pets and Animals - November 15, 2011]

Pet Boarding Is the Best Bet for Your Family Friend
When you have pets there are many considerations to keep in mind, especially when you go away on business or for a leisure vacation. Pet boarding offers an easy solution to those who need someone out... [Author: Queen Diana - Pets and Animals - November 08, 2011]

Good Designs for Chicken Coops Make All The Difference
Gone are the days of chicken coops being just a simple shed with tar paper as insulation with rickety doors and windows. These days’ designs for chicken coops perpetuate solid, well-built, highly fun... [Author: Steve Hales - Pets and Animals - September 30, 2011]

Training American Bulldogs
American bulldogs are loyal and lovable and are very suitable as a family pet. These dogs are very intelligent but they can also be stubborn and light headed. This may lead to a few problems in train... [Author: Ricardo Lumbardo - Pets and Animals - September 26, 2011]

Chicken Coop Designs - The 6 Elements To Accomplish A Secure And Optimal Chicken Coop
Now you may be planning to create a hen house and want to find out about planning one? This particular write-up will explain almost everything about the crucial elements in chicken coop designs. Rig... [Author: Edgar Roger - Pets and Animals - August 24, 2011]

Baby Lovebirds
* Exotic birds can come in many various colors; the amount of different colors they have can';t be determined by just examining one individual. Every different individual bird can have their own uniqu... [Author: Galen Goodwin - Pets and Animals - August 15, 2011]

Helpful Information On Pitbulls For Sale
Sale of pit bulls is becoming increasingly difficult, given the current wave of bad press against the violence of dogs. Owners want to get rid of their pets. Add to this the fact that pit bull breede... [Author: William Potter - Pets and Animals - August 11, 2011]

Save the Butterflies
Are you sick of rainy days? This so-called July weather? Is it dampening your spirits and killing the social calendar? Is it threatening your species? If the answer to the last question is yes, then ... [Author: Joshua Ellison - Pets and Animals - August 04, 2011]

Allergies In Dogs - What Can I Do About Dog Allergies Symptoms?
It is suggested that if you are looking for permanent relief for dog allergies symptoms you need to go see a veterinary dermatologist. Here you can find the cause for sneezing in dogs, general allerg... [Author: Aster Brittan - Pets and Animals - August 01, 2011]

Frontline Plus For Dogs
Fleas and ticks are the most common irritants in dogs. Yet they happen all the time, with every season change causing irritation in dogs. But one can easily get rid of the annoying disturbances by ju... [Author: Michaels Shaws - Pets and Animals - August 01, 2011]

American Bulldogs – Perfect Companion for Families with Children?
American Bulldogs are very popular nowadays all over the world. There are lot of dog lovers who love the strong, well muscled breeds such as Rottweilers and schnauzer. As these dogs are loyal and hig... [Author: Ricardo Lumbardo - Pets and Animals - August 01, 2011]

American Bulldogs – What Every New Owner Must Know?
American Bulldogs are mostly descendants of English Bulldogs, and they were near extinction after World War II. John Summerville is the man who should be given the credit for bringing them back by ca... [Author: Ricardo Lumbardo - Pets and Animals - August 01, 2011]

Keeping Dogs in a Recession
We have all done it, gone out shopping or seen something we like and we buy it disregarding the cost of keeping it and especially in a recession. Why do we do it? Because the urge to own what we li... [Author: Ian Nicholson - Pets and Animals - August 01, 2011]

Learn how to Put an end to The Causes of Aggressive Behavior in Dogs
Dog aggression can begin as young as about six weeks of age, a crucial age when a puppy should be socialized to many other dogs and supplied the necessary training that keeps them from biting on othe... [Author: Gary Diaz - Pets and Animals - August 01, 2011]

Boating with man';s best friend
Taking along man';s best friend on your boating trip could be a great adventure for both you and him/her. For your furry friend boating is like riding in his dream convertible with a blast of sun and ... [Author: Ed Conroy - Pets and Animals - July 13, 2011]

Keep Your Dog Healthy And Give Him The Right Dog Supplements
Do you really care for the sake of your pet dog? Most of the time, pets are best friends who help make our lives sweeter. Hence, if you would like take care of your best friend, give him the right do... [Author: Thomas Jens - Pets and Animals - June 30, 2011]

Keeping a Clean (Fish-Friendly) Home
My mom has taught me many things over the years, not the least of which is the importance of having a clean house. Not just because it looks nice-but because it helps keep you from getting sick! Not ... [Author: Holli gayle - Pets and Animals - June 06, 2011]

Is Your Dog Safe In An Auto Accident?
This is the story how Toby met a policeman. One day, my car was rear ended at a very busy intersection near my home. The other driver was a very young man, only sixteen years old. He was very sweet... [Author: Lori Kniff - Pets and Animals - May 31, 2011]

The positives and negatives of re-homing a rescue dog.
Before you commit to spending hundreds of pounds on a pedigree puppy, take the time to consider an alternative- re-homing a rescue dog. Every year around 100,000 dogs are abandoned in the UK. Contr... [Author: Nicolette Craig - Pets and Animals - May 23, 2011]

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