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Boxer Dogs and Puppies. What do they look like ?

boxer puppies for saleA good definition of a good Boxer , Medium height , a snug coat, well developed strong limbs ,and a short muscular back. His muscles should be smooth and hard underneath the boxer's tight fitting coat. A healthy boxers movement should be very energetic. A boxer with a long ground covering stride is also a key feature of a healthy boxer. A boxer that is Healthy will carry himself proad. Boxers are known for being hard working guard dogs as well as faith full companiens, making a Boxer a friend to man. A boxer known for its strength ,however a Boxer's elegance is often overlooked. Boxer 's are very alert Dogs and temperate as well. The square like head of a Boxer provides a very unique and strong look. However make sure the boxer's head is in proportion to his body. A broad blunt muzzle on a boxer is a good characteristic as long as it matches is square like head.


Owning a Boxer
The Boxer is a very confident , alert, and fearless dog. Often known as the "Peter Pan" of dogs the boxer is very happy playfull and fun to be around. The boxers short coat requires minimal brushing and maintnence. Average males are 22 ½ to 25 inches, while female boxers grow to be 21 to 23 ½ inches at the withers. Boxer males are larger boned and more muscular than boxer females.


The boxer is well known for its hearing and guarding instincts. They are very alert and confident dogs. Boxers are very playfull with children and very playfull with family and friends. His intelligence, loyal affection and well disciplined nature make him a very desirable companion.


Did You Know
The boxer came from several breeds in Germany , including bulldog and great dane. Boxers got there names from using its front paws when it fights. In 1904 the first AKC boxer was registered.

Are your a(n) Boxer puppy breeder? Contact Us to advertise and sell your Boxer puppies here!

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