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Golden Retriever Information

Golden Retriever PuppiesThe Golden Retriever is a medium to large dog. The mature male ideally weighs between 32 to 37 kilos(70 to 80lbs) and stands from 56 to 61 cm (22 to 24 inches) tall at the shoulder. Bitches are generally slightly smaller, weighing between 27and 32 kilos (60 to 70 lbs.) and standing between 51 to 56 cm (20 to 22inches) tall. Despite these differences in size, males and females are equally intelligent and affectionate and easy to house train.

The Golden Retriever should be an active, powerful dog with a kindly expression. The adult coat may range in colour from cream to dark gold that may already be indicated in the puppy by the colour of its ears. Although they are a long hair breed, regular brushing will prevent the coat from matting; they are easy to keep well groomed. It is a good idea to check for ticks, fleas, grass seeds or any skin irritation while you are brushing your dog.

Goldens are very sociable dogs and need companionship; they are not happy left alone in the backyard for to o long and may become destructive. It is your responsibility as an owner to make sure that your dog is never allowed to roam free unsupervised.

To maintain the good health of your Golden yearly vaccinations, correct feeding and regular worming are essential. With the right care your Golden may be expected to live from 10 to 13 years.

Basic training is an important part of responsible dog ownership. Your dog will learn to be a better companion, establishing a stronger b o nd with you and generally acquiring the good manners and obedient responses that will make it a social asset rather than a nuisance. Classes ranging from puppy to advanced obedience trialing level are available in most areas through local obedience clubs.

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